Every year, 澳门太阳集团中心的学生表演超过20场,在更大的社区服务的时间超过1小时,700小时校园服务.

Community service at Friends’ Central School is part of the School’s identity, culture, 和传统. 澳门太阳集团相信关心澳门太阳集团的学校, local, 而全球社区则提供指导性的管理证明, community, peace, 和完整性. The program teaches a real world understanding of issues of social justice and challenges stereotypes existing within all of us. As we educate students who will face the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century, it is important that we cultivate the skills and understanding of real world problems they will need to affect social change. 服务工作创造了强大的个人和机构关系, which in turn strengthen our community and each student's sense of self-worth. Many service projects bring our students into contact with people and situations they might not often encounter – in hospitals, 汤厨房, 法律援助机构, 和养老院. 在这些不同的环境中获得自信和舒适感, 培养同理心和同情心, and meeting challenges with flexibility and good cheer will inform the personal and professional decisions our students make throughout their lives.

以宗教之友协会的方式, we hope that learning through service will help our students to see that of God in everyone. The School’s commitment to service in each of the divisions is embedded in the curriculum. 通过持续的服务项目和反思讨论, students gain a sense of responsibility for the Friends’ Central community as well as the larger community. It is not enough simply to learn about service in the classroom; we believe that values must be lived. From Nursery children to seniors, our students are eager to participate, learn, and lead.